Which is the best watch band?

Which is the best watch band?

When buying a watch, it is easy to overlook one thing, which is the choice of strap.
Perfect watch straps can bring better wearing comfort and improve wearing taste. Different strap materials, the band style presented is different. Can you find out which is the best watch strap? 

We have listed five watch bands and how they feel when being worn:

Metal Watch Band
The metal strap is meticulously worked and has a long life cycle. Usually worn in summer, it will be very cool. Luxurious is its advantage, the disadvantage is that it usually does not fit the wrist perfectly.

Leather Watch Band
There are many types of leather straps. Usually, elegant watches be matched with leather straps to conform to the overall classical style.
Wearing comfort is its advantage. The leather strap will heat up, and your sweat will damage the life of the watch strap, which is its downside.

Steel Watch Band
A steel chain watch band is affordable and one of the unrestrained men's options. Classic retro is its strength. The gap of the steel chain strap is too dense, which is easy to hide dirt, inconvenient to clean and even slips on the wrist.

Canvas & Nylon Watch Band
Canvas straps are inexpensive and one of the students' choices. Mainly used in military watches and sports watches. The disadvantage is that the nylon strap will absorb water and be prone to odor.

Silicone Watch Band
Silicone watch straps are a hot seller on Amazon. This silicone watch strap will not easily deform, crack or fade and is wear-resistant.

Soft Silicone - This silicone watch strap is soft to wear and fits the wrist perfectly.
Pure magnetic - Pure magnetic closure makes it easier to fix your watch securely on your wrist.
Quick-release design - It is easier to change the watch strap without a tool.
Easy to clean - Water-Resistant & Washable.
Compatible model - Compatible watch styles are Samsung, Garmin, Fitbit, and more.

Measure magnetic silicone watch band

Oh, God. In theory, this magnetic silicone watch band has only advantages and no downside. The only downside is so too cheap.

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