How to measure watch band?

How to measure watch band?

  • Measure Tip:

The watchband is measured by the width of the strap end that attaches to your watch. The strap width is always measured in millimeters (mm).

  • Measure Lug Width

Measure the distance between the watch lugs in millimeters (mm). Make sure you measure from the inside of the lugs as shown in the example. It is better to measure the distance between the watch lugs than the actual strap width as this will give you more precise measurement.

Measure watch starp lug distance
  • Measure Your Old Strap

Measure the length of both straps in millimeters (mm) and get the total length of the watch strap. If the watchband is the correct length, you should buy the same length. If the watch strap is too long or too short, try to choose a longer or shorter model.

measure your wacth strap
measure your wacth band
  • Measure Your Wrist
You can use the measuring tool to measure the length around your wrist. Keep in mind that the magnetic strap is freely adjustable in size, so if the watch strap is a little longer than needed it will also fit your wrist.
Measure your wrist
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